Zhongxi is a complete laboratory for analysis and testing, also an audited contract laboratory.We can provide a wide range of chemical analysis and material testing services to a diverse international customer base.Our expertise and years of experience enable us to choose the right analytical methods and generate the accurate data needed to solve your toughest problems.

Formula analysis scope

1. Formula analysis of common organic solvents: Hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones, esters, phenols, etc.

2. Formula Analysis of Industrial Solvents: Banana oil, cleaning solvent, diluent, rosin water, nitrocellulose clear lacquer, thinners, white oil, etc.

3. Analysis of Cosmetic Formulation: Face cream, honey, toner, facial mask, hair lotion, hair gel, fragrance powder, talcum powder, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, nail polish, perfume, cologne, toilet water, shampoo, bath fluid, hair conditioner, hair dye, perm, hair fixing products, cosmetics with drugs, etc.

4. Analysis of essence and fragrance formula: Essential oil, Concrete, tincture, oleoresin, net oil, vanillin, coumarin,alpha-Ionone, citronella oil, oil of Litsea cubeba, camphor oil, sassafras oil, cypress oil, turpentine oil, castor oil, fusel oil, aromatics and phenols, etc.

5. Analysis of Additive Formulation: Plasticizer, plasticizing agent, antioxidant, flame retardant, heat and light stabilizers, foaming agent, filling agent, antistatic agent, emulsifier, wetting dispersant, defoaming agent, softening agent, leveling agent, finishing agent, paint additives, rubber additives, plastic additives, accelerant, flux, electroplating additives, textile and leather auxiliaries, Electronic additive, ceramic additives, textile and leather auxiliaries, water treatment agent, etc.

6.Analysis of adhesive formulation: Emulsion (white latex, pressure sensitive adhesive,Fabric coating emulsion, Flocking glue, Printing emulsion, Laminated adhesive,Trademark glue, non-woven adhesive, etc.), double-sided adhesive, polyurethane glue, epoxy glue, PVC glue, all-purpose adhesive, filter glue, Stickers, light curing glue, hot melt glue, AB glue, silicone rubber, wood glue, Phenolic resin adhesive, caulking glue, potting glue, architectural latex styling gel, etc.

7. Formula Analysis of Cleaning Agent: Soap and synthetic detergents, cleanser essence, toilet cleaner, metal cleaning agent, marble cleaning agent, silicon chip cleaning agent) cement grinding agent, cutting fluid, paint remover, mold release agent; Flocculant, scale inhibitor, oil demulsifier, oil removal water (powder), wax removal water; Phosphating liquid, polishing liquid (wax), brightener, electroplating liquid, etc.

8. Analysis of Plastic Formulation: Plastic particles, processing masterbatch, plastic silk, plastic rope, plastic belt, hose, bellows, hard pipe, plastic sheet, plastic film, plastic bearing, plastic switch, processing masterbatch, plastic doors and Windows, plastic rod, plastic powder, optical disc, artificial leather cable, foam material, etc.

9. Analysis of Rubber Formula: Oil resistant rubber hose, type O sealing ring, antistatic film, sealing glue nail, conveyor belt, sealing, insulating sheath, tires, rubber gasket, rubber hose, air hose, gas hose, brake cup, doors and Windows sealing strip, flame retardant conveyor belt, Shock absorbing rubber products, waterproof coiled material rubber, rubber shoes, sound absorbing film, etc.

10. Analysis of Coating Formulation:Light curing coating, latex paint, waterproof coating, high temperature resistant coating, etc.

11. Analysis of Textile Formula​​​​​​​: Textile quantitative analysis, fiber mixture quantitative analysis, wool fiber and animal hair component analysis, etc.

12. Formulation analysis of aerosol, pesticide, lubricant, refrigerant, air freshener, etc.​​​​​​​

What problems can formula analysis solve?

Product research and development: sample formula analysis, accelerate research and development progress, imitate samples;

Industrial diagnosis: such as cracking, foreign bodies, spots, residues, failure, etc., to assist customers to quickly find the root cause;

Quality control: such as by-product analysis, supplier sample analysis, raw material control, etc;

Product testing: such as performance testing, product evaluation method development, etc.

Advantages of zhongxi testing Formula Analysis

Zhongxi testing has years of experience in product testing and new product research and development, and has recognized scientific research achievements and talent reserve qualifications. It belongs to a formal research institution, and has undertaken the construction project of analytical testing resource sharing service platform for the chemical and chemical industry, supported by the innovation fund. Adhering to the concept of preciseness and justice, we insist on continuous innovation in science and make steady progress in the field of analysis and testing.

Analysis Methods of Some Components

Thin layer chromatography: Separation means

Carbon dioxide supercritical: separation means

Rotary steaming​​​​​​​ and extraction: Separation means

NIRS: analytical means

HPLC: separation and analytical means

GC-MS: analytical means

XRD: analytical means

ICP-MS: analytical means

Nuclear magnetism: analytical means

GPC: analytical tools

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