Zhongxi is a complete laboratory for analysis and testing, also an audited contract laboratory.We can provide a wide range of chemical analysis and material testing services to a diverse international customer base.Our expertise and years of experience enable us to choose the right analytical methods and generate the accurate data needed to solve your toughest problems.

Diagnosis of industrial problems mainly refers to the detection and judgment of various problems that often appear in industrial production (such as plastic industry, products with white surface, products with cracking, surface oil, black spot foreign body, etc., rubber industry with white surface, foreign body precipitation). Products industry diagnosis mainly solve the product and its auxiliary production process due to the inaccurate grasp the product and its auxiliary formula ratio led to some of the product performance issues or mixed with some impurity elements in the process of production, leading to a final product is unqualified, through (FTIR spectra and chromatographic spectrogram, energy spectrum diagram, MS spectra and SEM spectra) content of the unknown component composition in qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis methods, so as to determine the cause of the problem, to develop a solution.

The test items

Combustion performance: vertical combustion temperature, oxygen index, horizontal flame, lit, effective calorific value, burning rate, burning alcohol chut lights burning, burning smoke density, total smoke release quantity, burning grade,dropping grade,smoke grade,smoke toxicity experiment,Class B1 combustion experiment,fire endurance,fire prevention of building materials,Experiment on combustion of automotive interior accessories, rubber burning, plastic burning etc..

Mechanical properties: hardness, tensile properties, Bending property , impact properties, compression properties, compression permanent deformation, tearing properties, peel strength, bonding strength, shear strength, resilience energy, wear resistance, friction coefficient, brittle temperature, temperature test, etc.

Electrical properties: surface resistance experiment, electrostatic properties, voltage, pulse voltage, breakdown voltage and dielectric strength, insulation resistance, electrical, insulation, spark voltage volume resistivity, power frequency electrical conductivity, loss factor, cable sheath spark power frequency voltage volume resistivity,EMC, conductor continuity, dielectric loss, conductor resistance, flooding voltage, etc.

Thermal properties, heat distortion temperature and glass transition temperature and vicat softening point, pyrolysis temperature, melt temperature, thermal conductivity, brittleness temperature, flame retardant, uL94 flame retardant, fire rating, hot air aging test, hot and cold cycle test, impact test temperature, light aging, life prediction and linear expansion coefficient, dimensional stability, shrinkage, high temperature resistant oil test, smell, spray, etc.

Flame retardant performance: refractory, ignitability, smoke toxicity, smoke density, heat release and flue gas, fire resistance, combustion performance, heat value of combustion, fire resistance, high temperature resistance, heat release rate, horizontal combustion, vertical combustion, monomer combustion, fire rating test, etc.

Failure analysis: corrosion failure, fracture failure, deformation failure, wear failure, etc.

Detection range

Industrial diagnostic analysis requires the comprehensive application of constant, trace and trace detection techniques, the equal emphasis on organic and inorganic analysis, and the combination of component analysis and production process analysis, especially the high requirements on the detection results and comprehensive judgment ability.

Yellowing analysis

According to the information of your products, the laboratory can simulate the complex and severe yellow resistance conditions, and accurately simulate and test the degree of yellowing .

Blooming analysis

The reason of blooming analysis, the blooming of rubber rubber semi-finished products often seriously damage the performance of rubber, and the material sprayed on the surface of rubber will change the surface state and composition of rubber, make the surface viscosity decline, affect the technical performance of semi-finished products, but also make the product appearance quality is not good, resulting in the appearance of goods unqualified. Therefore, it is often necessary to use spray frost detection technology to carry out product quality inspection.

The laboratory can use the spray frost testing technology to carry out product quality inspection, help customers to understand the problems in products, and develop corresponding solutions, so as to facilitate enterprises to improve the production process and process, improve production efficiency.

Back to the material testing

Based on the waste plastic and secondary material products provided by the client, the laboratory mainly carries out component identification of secondary material products based on physical method, chemical method and instrumental analysis method, so as to help enterprises understand the product components, improve the reuse of raw materials and reduce production costs.

Failure analysis

The main application of failure physics, failure chemistry, failure mechanics, fracture analysis and other inspection technology, the broken structure and parts of the test analysis diagnosis, find out the main cause of failure and failure mechanism, and put forward the measures to prevent failure. Failure analysis is of great practical significance in improving product quality, technology development, product improvement, arbitration failure and accident.

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